Is Adoption Right For Me?

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Adoption Could Be A Good Choice For Me And My Baby

Adoption could be a beneficial choice for me and my baby.  Even if I’m not ready to be a mother, I could still give my child the gift of life by choosing Adoption. I can take part in planning my baby’s future by choosing a wonderful family to care for my child. I can meet my baby, name my baby, and spend time with my baby.

I Can Choose A Family For My Baby

Many women ask and wonder if they can choose a family for their baby and the answer is a profound YES! Most adoption agencies have many families to choose from.  These families usually go through intense screening and approval processes. Other options may even include choosing a friend or someone I know and trust who has been recommended to me.

I Can Have As Much Contact As I Want After Birth and Adoption

I can have as much time as I want with my baby at the hospital after giving birth.  I can choose to have an open adoption which means I can visit with my child, send letters and keep in touch. Confidential adoptions are also available if I prefer not to have ongoing contact.

I Do Not Pay For Costs With An Adoption Agency And I Don’t Need A Lawyer

The Adoption Agency takes care of all costs and legalities for mothers and fathers.

Adoption Agencies Can Assist Me With Medical And Living Expenses

Many agencies will make every effort to support me with medical and living expenses while making an adoption plan. Case workers are available for helping with these details and circumstances.

Adoption Is A Choice That Can Have A Positive Impact On All Lives Involved

If I decide on adoption, I know I am making a difficult decision. Many adoptions take place each and every year in the United States. Most of us know someone who has been adopted, has adopted themselves or has placed a child for adoption.

Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center Is Here To Listen And Help

Crossroads has trained client advocates that care about what I am going through and want to listen and help!  Regardless of what kinds of decisions I am making, they want to come along side of me with support and education.  They take appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-6 and Wednesdays from 9-1. All services are at no cost and confidential.