I’m Pregnant!How do I tell my parents?


How Do I Tell My Parents?

So, you know you are pregnant, you have taken several pregnancy tests, you may have even been to a pregnancy center…… all the same outcome…. the test indicates positive.  What do you do now?  How do you tell your parents? 

Not Easy

No one ever said it is easy to tell your parents you are pregnant. The anticipation of telling them can be overwhelming and scary.  You are imagining a terrible scene with a lot of yelling and crying.  But just remember this, your parents love you and want to be there for you.  Let’s think about some ideas that just might make this discussion go a little better. 

Planning the Scenario

The first bit of advice most experts will tell you is to not delay in telling your parents.  You don’t want them to find out any other way than from you.  Besides, they may suspect already that you are pregnant.  Telling them sooner rather than later is usually best and if possible, tell them at the same time.

Finding the right time to tell your parents is very important.  Find a time when they are in a good mood and you will not be rushed. There are a couple of ways you might consider telling your parents.  One is to write it in a letter and hand it to them personally; staying close by for the conversation.  Another way would be to discuss the situation face to face.  Calling your parents on the phone to tell them may be another way, but texting them is not always the best idea.  Consider speaking to them one on one. This will likely be best in the long run.

What should I say?

Telling your parents you love them is a great way to begin the conversation. Tell them straight out that you are pregnant and you need their help and advice.  Explain how far along you believe you are and anyone else who knows about your situation. Now, give your parents time to absorb the information.  They may be mad, hurt or sad and it may help if you tell them you understand how they must feel. You could also say something like, “I know this isn’t what you expected or wanted from me.”  It is important to be honest and to give your parents time to speak without jumping in.  Listen to what they have to say.

What if they want me to have an abortion?

For some parents, their first reaction is to advise you to get an abortion. Tell your parents if you don’t believe in abortion and explain to them why.  You now have a living baby growing inside of you.  Don’t be afraid to express your feelings about this.  Many women who abort have to deal with the emotional consequences soon after the abortion or years later.  Make sure you know all the facts about abortion. If adoption is an option, ask your parents to help you seek out a reputable adoption agency that will help you navigate through this process.  There are many couples who are unable to conceive and would be awesome parents.

Will things ever settle down?

It’s natural if your parents are upset for a while.  Giving your parents time to absorb the whole situation is so important.  Most parents will come to understand they need to stand by you and love you through this difficult time in your life.  Remain strong and know that your parents will love your baby as much as they love you. 

Let’s sum it up

There is a lot of information in this blog.  Let’s sum it up:

  • Tell your parents sooner rather than later
  • If possible, tell both parents at the same time, when you aren’t rushed and they are in a good mood
  • Explain you love them and that you have news you need to tell them. 
  • Understand that your parents will probably be mad and unhappy about your situation.  Hang in there, it will get better
  • Explain you know this isn’t what they would have wanted for you, but also explain how you feel and your plans for this pregnancy.
  • Explain you will need their help and support through this difficult time

We are here to help!

Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center is here to help!  This is what we do!  We are here to support you, guide you and love you through your pregnancy journey.  If you decide to parent, we will be there for you after you baby is born and the years to follow.  We have trained mentors who have lessons and resources that will support you all along the way.  By taking one-on-one classes once a week, you will earn “Resource Cash” which you can spend in our Resource Baby Store.  We have diapers, wipes, car seats, cribs, breast pumps and more! 

We have found that when a woman is considering an abortion, she wants to know all the facts.  We are here to offer you facts about abortions so that you are able to make a more informed decision. 

If your decision is to find your baby a forever home, we have referrals we can give you in finding an Adoption Agency that meets your needs.

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