My girlfriend is pregnant, what now?

Just STOP.  It is essential to STOP.  Consider your next move very carefully.  When your girlfriend says the words “I’m pregnant,” she is expecting you to be the man that she knows you can be. So, STOP

 “S” is for slow down.  Take some time.  Don’t make quick, rash statements or decisions.  Today we often think everything needs to happen fast.  Your next move should NOT happen fast.  Give yourself and your girlfriend the gift of slowing down for a moment. 

T” is for think.  Think it over.  Find trusted friends, family, or  mentors to give you insight into your situation.  Your next move affects a lot of lives.  Give yourself time to think about the situation and your girlfriend’s needs.  

O” is for options.  There are more options that you realize at this moment in time.  Search them out. Crossroads advocates are trained to help you discover those options. Contact us. 

P” is for plan.  Develop a plan with your girlfriend and trusted advisors.  Plans, even ones that are adjusted, can provide a sense of stability and peace in a stressful and difficult situation. 

Remember, STOPSlow down, Think, there are Options and then Plan.  Hearing the words “I’m pregnant” is not the end.  It is a beautiful beginning.  Contact us to find out more. 

We will provide you (and her) with 100% confidential and 100% accurate information.  We will answer your questions and help ease your mind.  If you are in the LaGrange KY area call us to schedule an appointment at 502-222-7700.  If you are outside of the LaGrange area, call us and we will find you the help you need in a location convenient to you.