Am I Ready to Parent?

You may be going back and forth between your pregnancy options, and that’s ok. An unplanned pregnancy comes with new decisions to make and it’s important to learn about all your options. Parenting is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a journey of love and sacrifice. Many women are surprised by the grace that comes when being surrounded by a supportive community. You may be more capable than you think.

Things to Consider

Becoming pregnant is a big life change. There are life changes that you will want to think over and consider as you make your next step. Every woman’s situation is different, and only you can assess the circumstances to determine what is best for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have support from family, friends, or my partner?
  • How will this change the way I get educated or do my job?
  • Can I support my child financially?
  • What resources are available to support raising my child?

While these questions can seem overwhelming, know that if you do want to parent, there are resources and support available to you. Parenting is not impossible with the right support. The decision is yours!

How Can I Get Parenting Support?

Our supportive team at Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center is familiar with the challenges and questions that come with an unplanned pregnancy, and the option of parenting. We are here to answer any of your questions and talk through your concerns. No matter what you decide, we are a safe place to talk and get help.

Talk more about parenting with us today by scheduling a no-cost appointment.

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