At Crossroads, we believe everyone should feel loved and supported during an unexpected pregnancy. Crossroads, located in Oldham County, provides you with the emotional help and practical resources you need to care for yourself in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.

Lab-quality Pregnancy Testing

When you suspect that you might be pregnant, it can be scary.  We offer lab-quality pregnancy tests at no cost to you.  You can make an appointment by calling us at 502-222-7700 or you can simply stop by during our hours of operation.  All services at Crossroads are completely confidential.


Once you have had a positive pregnancy test in our center, the next step is to get an ultrasound. With the free ultrasound we provide, you will see how far along your pregnancy has progressed, detect the heartbeat of the fetus, and determine the viability of your pregnancy. An ultrasound can also show if your pregnancy is developing outside of your uterus (known as an ectopic pregnancy). This can be life-threatening and needs to be discovered as early as possible. When you schedule an appointment for an ultrasound with us, our team will keep your information completely confidential and will answer any questions that you have.

Peer Counseling – Information on Parenting, Adoption, and Abortion

Finding out that you are pregnant can turn your world upside-down.  We can provide you with information on all of your options including parenting, adoption, and abortion.  Don’t make a decision until you know all of the facts.  You are strong, smart, and capable of making an informed decision and we are here to provide that information to you in a confidential and non-judgmental way.

For a copy of Crossroads’ Abortion Health and Safety Checklist, please click here.

Material Assistance (diapers, wipes, household cleaning supplies, car seats, cribs, etc. )

Crossroads has the ability to help meet your needs in a time of crisis.  In addition to providing the items listed above, we can make referrals to other organizations to help you with the resources that might be out of our reach.

STI/STD education and referrals for testing


  • Prenatal
  • Nurturing Parenting
  • Court-ordered Parenting Classes
  • Fatherhood Initiative – 24/7 dad

Help After Abortion

Crossroads offers help after abortion support to help men and women who may suffer after an abortion. Learn more about Help After Abortion program.