Men, you are not alone. We can only imagine the stress you’re going through and the heavy weight you feel with an unplanned pregnancy. How do you support your partner during this time? Who do you turn to for help? We are here to support you with all the questions and concerns that come your way. You don’t have to do this journey alone. You will get through this.

Where Do You Begin?

Are you feeling frustrated, angry, sad, disappointed, or even excited after finding out your partner is pregnant? The emotional rollercoaster of it all is real. An unplanned pregnancy comes with a lot of questions and firsts. You’re probably asking yourself questions like…

  1. Is she really pregnant?”
  2. “Am I really the father?”
  3. “Why wasn’t she more careful?”
  4. “What am I supposed to do now?”

How Do You Support Your Partner?

Sometimes the best first step of an unplanned pregnancy is giving your partner space to process the news. Let her process, but also be there when she need support and reassurance. If you are unsure about what’s next, confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound to find out more about the pregnancy and move forward.

Try your best to be a safe place for your partner and listen. Encourage her when needed. If she is coming to you already, she trusts you. As you may have never navigated this journey either, our team at Crossroads is here to help support you and your partner during this time.

How Do I Receive Help?

We at Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center are here to help and give you the extra support you’re looking for. You don’t have to support your partner and pregnancy alone. Our compassionate team is here to guide you along the way and give you advice and tools to do it well.

Contact us today to talk more about what’s next.

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